Organic farmer says Yes to Measure K – Letter to the Editor

Andrea Davis-Cetina of Quarter Acre Farm based in Sonoma Valley published a letter to the editor in support of Measure K in this week’s Sonoma Valley Sun! Thank you Andrea!

As a small-scale certified organic farmer living in Sonoma Valley, I am in strong support of voting yes on Measure K to protect open space and farm lands. I grew up in Maryland surrounded by disappearing farm land. The fields and barns of my childhood showed me the importance of sustainability and community.  After moving west more than 10 years ago, in 2008 I took the leap to start Quarter Acre Farm in Sonoma Valley.  But with land prices skyrocketing, and development pressure growing, it has become more and more difficult for me and many others to farm here. Because Measure K renews longstanding protections that prevent conversion of farm lands to other uses, it is key to helping ease those pressures on young farmers. I hope everyone joins me in voting yes on Measure K.

Andrea Davis-Cetina, Sonoma

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