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Organic farmer says Yes to Measure K – Letter to the Editor

Andrea Davis-Cetina of Quarter Acre Farm based in Sonoma Valley published a letter to the editor in support of Measure K in this week’s Sonoma Valley Sun! Thank you Andrea!

As a small-scale certified organic farmer living in Sonoma Valley, I am in strong support of voting yes on Measure K to protect open space and farm lands. I grew up in Maryland surrounded by disappearing farm land. The fields and barns of my childhood showed me the importance of sustainability and community.  After moving west more than 10 years ago, in 2008 I took the leap to start Quarter Acre Farm in Sonoma Valley.  But with land prices skyrocketing, and development pressure growing, it has become more and more difficult for me and many others to farm here. Because Measure K renews longstanding protections that prevent conversion of farm lands to other uses, it is key to helping ease those pressures on young farmers. I hope everyone joins me in voting yes on Measure K.

Andrea Davis-Cetina, Sonoma

Yes on K Letter to the Editor in Community Voice

Jenny Blaker’s intelligent Letter to the Editor on the importance of voting Yes on Measure K was published in the Rohnert Park-Cotati Community Voice. She also makes the case for Measure Q to renew the city of Cotati’s Urban Growth Boundary.


Measure K, for community separators in Sonoma County, and Measure Q (for Cotati’s urban growth boundary) are complementary. Both are designed to protect farmlands and open space from urban sprawl.

Urban Growth Boundaries (UGBs), passed by individual cities, and community separators, throughout the county, were created by ballot measures more than 20 years ago. The UGBs are expiring and will be renewed on various different timelines independently for each city. Cotati voters will be voting on Measure Q this fall to renew its existing urban growth boundary for another 30 years.

Measure K if approved will help protect 53,576 acres of rural lands from urban development throughout the county. Not only does this help maintain the unique identity and distinct character of each city or town, it also helps to protect agricultural land, open space, watersheds, groundwater recharge areas, wildlife habitat and corridors, and by protecting our air, water and soil helps to provide a better quality of life for all Sonoma County inhabitants.

For further information on Measure K,  go to

For information on Measure Q, go to

As a 20-year resident of Cotati, I love our small town and also the beautiful diverse ecosystems of Sonoma County from oak woodlands and redwoods to meadows and wetlands, and enjoy the wide variety of foods available from local farms.

I urge you to help protect Sonoma County’s greenbelts and vote Yes on K!  If you vote in Cotati, vote Yes on Q, too!

Jenny Blaker


October 20, 2016

Yes on K – Letter to Editor in Press Democrat

Christina Meyer’s excellent letter to the editor was published in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and the Sonoma Index Tribune the week of Oct. 10. Please send yours now to

For Measure K

EDITOR: For the past 20 years, Sonoma County’s community separators have kept green buffers between our cities, freeing us from urban sprawl and strip malls that plague so many other areas in California. With a yes vote for Measure K in November, our community separators will be renewed for another 20 years.

The separators complement the urban growth boundaries around our cities to safeguard rural/agriculture landscapes in adjacent county lands. Let’s not risk losing more farmland and rural landscapes. Greenbelts preserve our economy, environment and public health.

Even better news is Measure K is a tax-free initiative, so there is no cost to taxpayers. A vote for Measure K in November will ensure land protections for our and future generations. It will also help keep Sonoma County the beautiful place we so enjoy.


Rohnert Park

Santa Rosa Press Democrat Says Yes on Measure K

Residents and visitors alike benefit from the wisdom of Sonoma County’s past land-use decisions, which have helped preserve the area’s natural beauty. But as land continues to grow in value and the region becomes more of a destination for tourists, the temptations and pressures to infringe on these separators will only increase. That’s why it’s all the more important to have protections like these in place. It’s also one reason there is such unified support for Measure K among community groups and no organized opposition.

Sonoma Index Tribune Endorses Measure K – Community Separators

Measure K asks voters to renew for 20 years the county provision that protects about [17,000] 53,576* acres of open space between communities from County-stamped development. What that means is that, under Measure K, the county Board of Supervisors would be unable to remove the green-space protections without voter approval.

*Please note the actual acreage is now 53,576.  


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